Small business cash management software reimagined

Futrli uses AI to bring all your numbers into one place and translate them into daily actions and real words. Regardless of business size, age or financial-savviness, Futrli has a product built for you. Simple.


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Take control of your cash flow

Cash flow management is one of the trickiest parts of running a business. Futrli Flow is your ultimate small business cash flow management software, turning your data into daily, data-driven decisions, housed within an easy to use Actionfeed. It couldn’t be simpler. One-click to sync your data and you’re ready to go.


Translate your data into real words

You’re busy, so Flow keeps everything short, sweet and above all, simple. In snappy updates, twice a day, Flow’s up to date on everything important to your cash flow: customers, suppliers, bills, expenses, and invoices. Keep on top of everything, all in one place.


Prioritize your workload

Flow’s Actionfeed automatically prioritizes your updates, so you always know you’re getting the most important information first. We analyze your data to ensure your business is performing at its best. Tick off the actions in your feed and you know your business is in tip-top shape.


Decisions in real-time

You need to make decisions on the go and you need the data to back you up. Pulling your cloud accounting data straight into Flow, you know that your information is always giving you an accurate, up-to-date picture, so you can make the best decisions for your business.



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